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Age Of The Gods
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The gods are busy in their struggle to maintain or dethrone the reigning powers. Be amazed with the imposing images and sounds this slot features along with potential to bestow divine rewards on any player willing to test their fate.
Age Of The Gods Roulette
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A mythical theme for a casino classic, you’ll set out for adventure when you take a spin on the wheel of fate in Age of the Gods Roulette. Be faced with gods of the old world on your quest to reap the rewards of foresight.
American Blackjack
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We're taking to you all the way to the states in American Blackjack, an iconic casino classic when it comes to card games. You'll have a roarin' good time when you sit down to the tables and try to beat the house with a hand of 21.
A Night Out
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When a night in is all want, but the excitement of a night on the town is just too good to pass up, A Night Out Slot fits the bill. Get all the thrills of nightlife in the city with a chance to come home richer than when you left.
Ace Ventura
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You just can't beat the famous Ace Ventura pet detective when the case is casino slots. Enter super sleuth mode and uncover what clues you can and lead the way to a big payout. It's your turn to play pet detective on Ace Ventura!
Adventures in Wonderland
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Following in the footsteps of Lewis Carroll's fantasy writings on Alice in Wonderland, this slot features nonsensical visuals alongside rewards that are out of this world. Start your trip down the rabbit hole with a spin today!
Alchemist's Lab
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You'll be busy at work trying to figure out the secret formula in the Alchemist's Lab slot. Lucky for you, there are several ways to make award-winning potions and brews. See if you can find the on that turns lead into gold.
Alien Hunter
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A stranger in a strange land, you’re the one who must contend with the aliens of outer space in this interplanetary slots adventure. See what rewards the visitors from another world carry with them, you may find some of great value.
Amazon WIld
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When you're packed and ready, set out for adventure in the world's biggest rainforest. Amazon Wild is truly offering you an untapped resource when it comes to slots rewards. See what you’ll discover in the next ruins you stumble upon.
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You're already a master with a bow and arrow in this adventurous slot. Why not put those skills to use and see if you can hit a bull’s-eye on the reels. Make your mark, strike with precision, and the next shot could land you a fortune.
Atlantis Queen
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You're on a deep sea adventure, diving to the lost city of Atlantis in search of sunken treasure. Take in all the fantastic sights of this underwater wonder on the ocean floor. Spin the reels and reveal what treasures are waiting.
All American Video Poker
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The star spangled video poker game you’ve been dreaming of. Become a true patriot in search of the American dream in All American Video Poker. Your loyalty to the country could return big rewards if you play your cards right.
Aces and Faces 25 Lines
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Just like its single-line predecessor, Aces and faces 25-hand is a multi-hand Video Poker game that pays out for any single pair of Aces or Face cards. Not only this, but you have up to 25 chances to make the strongest hand you can.
Aces and Faces
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5-card draw fans love this feature. In Aces and Faces video poker all one needs to do is hold a pair of face cards or better in their hand to win. Take your deal, make your holds and folds, then see if you've won! It’s that easy!
Around The World
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Take your pick of the sites you'd most like to visit on a trip around the world. When you're ready the mode of transportation you choose can lead to real rewards not just in a fantastic experience, but in cold hard cash, too.
American Roulette
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A beloved casino classic, roulette is a staple of any game floor. This version takes rules from the American side of the Atlantic. Place your wagers before the wheel is spun and once it comes to rest you may have won a hefty sum.

Our library contains hundreds of games and it is growing every day. Take a look at the highlights of our selection in this section and see just what we’re offering. Every section provides our players with fantastic games featuring incredible rewards. Have a look and see why so many other players just like you are taking advantage of our incredible entertainment.


These games are the hottest we’ve got on offer. That’s not according to us, but to players just like you. Here, you can see exactly what the community is into today. When a new release is a hit or a jackpot get too big to ignore, new games move into the spotlight and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win a life changing payout.

New Games

Check out the latest games to be released the studios of online gaming’s best developers, right here at 21Nova Casino. We’re adding the best selection fresh off the machines of the greatest game makers in the industry and you’re getting a front row seat to every premiere.

Table Games

You’re in for a serious rush of adrenaline with every action-packed visit to the casino floor with our exhilarating table games. Beyond the classic Roulette, we’ve got Craps, Sic Bo and a slew of other table games you might have never seen before.

Card Games

Card sharks love 21Nova Casino thanks to the many card games we have on offer every day. Whether you’re after traditional games like Hold’em and Hi-Lo, or want to try something exotic, like Pai Gow or Red Dog, you’ve got options on the table.


There’s no other casino game more recognizable than slots and we’ve got so many on hand that you won’t know where to begin. Go with classic, video, multi-line or jackpot features, we’re sure no matter where you start you’re sure to have an unforgettable time.

Marvel Slots

he biggest names in film and comics are right here at the casino with their own features in the form of slots and table games. Every Marvel slots features four jackpots, with one of those being a progressive that continues to climb until one heroic player can take it down.

Video Poker

A staple of casino floors across the globe, Video Poker is known for its ease of play and potential for great rewards. It’s just a game of five-card draw in most cases, but we’ve got varieties that will let you play more hands than you have fingers and toes!

Progressive Jackpots

When only the biggest jackpots will do, progressive jackpot casino games are the games for you. These titles offer prizes that will continue to grow and grow until won by one fortunate player. Will it be you?

Live Casino

There’s no substitute for a real casino experience, but our live casino games are the next best thing. Be transported to a live casino flor via streaming video to a private table and your own personal croupier, waiting to take your wager on the next round.

Arcade Games

Not every night is one with thrills and adrenaline spent around the casino tables or high-paying slots. Sometimes, you just want to kick back and relax with a few easy games that can still pay their fair share. That’s where casino arcade games come into play.


Who could mistake the iconic Roulette wheel and the game’s fantastic spread of betting options? You’ll have quite a field to choose from when it’s time to place your wagers. Once they’re all down, spin the wheel and see where your fortune comes to rest.


You’ll be going head-to-head against the house in this fantastic feature where the objective is to hold a hand valued as close to 21 without going bust. Take advantage of special betting options to see where it really pays to play.


Baccarat is not exclusive for high-rollers and players occupying high-society. You too can get a taste of the raw excitement and massive payout potential of this unforgettable casino card game.

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