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Take your pick of the sites you'd most like to visit on a trip around the world. When you're ready the mode of transportation you choose can lead to real rewards not just in a fantastic experience, but in cold hard cash, too.
A killer combo in the ring, Knock out delivers a bout to remember in every spin of the reels. You’ll enter the ring and try to match symbols for varying prize amounts. Keep in mind the more combinations you make, the bigger your take.
This gorgon is no longer the stuff of myths and legends. Medusa is here to drop some stone cold cash into your lap. If you’re brave enough to go up against this demi-god, then you’ll find the reward is well worth the risk.
Mega Ball
If you’re keen on numbers games, then Mega Ball is one you’ll find is an instant favourite. Get great mix of lottery and keno in this unique title. Make your number predictions and match enough to qualify for the progressive jackpot.
Penalty Shootout
Football fans are lining up on the spot to have ago in Penalty Shootout. Strike with precision and get past the keeper for a game winning goal. You can turn every game into a success story, just line up your shot and fire way.
Pop Bingo
When you’re ready to play a numbers game with a bang, look no further than Pop Bingo. Get your tickets ready ahead of time and sit down for the call as your numbers are daubed to reveal whether or not you’re a winner.
Rock Paper Scissors
You may know how this game is played from reading the name. However, unlike when you were in school, Rock Paper Scissors comes with real rewards for every win of yours. Rock, paper, or scissors, make your pick and see if you’ve won.
Rollercoaster Dice
Rollercoaster dice will take you on a wild ride for sure when you play this variation on classic hi-lo. Make a prediction on your next roll and if you’re correct, you’ll find yourself wealthier than before you began.
Rubik's Riches
Solve Rubik’s riddle and you’ll be able to claim your share of the mysterious prize every time you play. A fun and colourful variation on slots, you’ll shuffle the face of the cube to line up rows and claim your corresponding prize.
Keno Xperiment
Try something new in Keno Xperiment, where you can make you own number predictions before the game is called or get a random selection with the push of a button. Make more correct predictions in a row to watch your winnings grow.
Keno Fortune
Keno may not strike you as a game where you can hit a big win, but you’d be surprised how much Keno Fortune can pay out when you see multiple predictions come true. Pick your numbers, sit back, and watch each match rack up more cash.
The casino always has action served up fresh at the tables. If you want a game a bit more tame and away from the hustle and bustle, go for a round of Keno and kick back while you match your number predictions for cash prizes.
Bonus Bowling
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When you're ready for some fun on the lanes, bonus Bowling can offer some fantastic fun and entertainment, not to mention serious payout potential. Go for broke and see if you can bowl the perfect game in this casino arcade feature.
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A classic game not just in the casino, but in any corner pub or game room, Darts is a great way to get your kicks without much fuss or learning curve before you can get started. Aim for the bull's-eye to take home your cash prize.
Derby Day
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Hit up the race track without ever having to set foot outside your front door when you take your seat at the starting line in Derby Day. Put money down on your pick and wait for the race to conclude to find out if you're a winner, too.
Dice Twister
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Dice games are full of fun and excitement. Not only that, with so many ways to wager on the outcome of any roll, your opportunity to walk away from the table as a winner is huge. Twist and shout all the way to the bank in Dice Twister.
Wheel of Light
In a departure from the mainstream casino slot machines, Wheel of Light lets you spin a wheel rather than reels. You’ll make a prediction on there the light will come to rest and if you’re right, you’ll be partying with a cash prize.
Final Score
There's nothing final about Final Score. You can play as many times as you like, making predictions, placing wagers, and following through to minute 90. Football fans are sure to take to the field in droves over this fixed odds game.
Frankie's Fantastic 7
A day at the track may seem out of reach for you, but that’s no problem because Frankie’s Magic 7 lets you hit the races any time you like without leaving your front door. The stage is set for greatness, time to take your place.
Genies Hi Lo
Genie has emerged with just a rub of a magic lamp. This fun feature will present you with a card and your challenge will be to determine if the next will be higher or lower. String correct answers together for bigger wins!
Heads or Tails
It really doesn’t get any easy to land a win in this casino game. A perfect pick for players looking to strike it rich without much effort, Heads or Tails will ask you to choose just that. First pick, then flip to see if you’ve won.
Pinball Roulette
A new perspective on roulette is waiting for you in this version of the iconic casino table game. You’ll be playing the iconic game on a strip rather than a wheel, but the same great bets are all available for you to take advantage of.

When you’re tired of the typical casino fare, you might want to check out our exceptional selection of casino arcade games. These games are in category all their own, offering a unique way to turn your online casino experience into a fun and rewarding one at every turn. Check out these unique titles from the casino and discover a whole new genre of games you might have been missing out on.


An instant classic and perhaps the easiest game in the casino for players of any experience level to pick up. Scratch cards are usually played on a grid-style card. Fun themes and approachable graphics and sound make these a real hit among everyone. All you need to do to find out if you’ve won is purchase a card of your desired value and scratch away the surface to reveal if you’ve won. It couldn’t be easier.

Most often you’ll want match symbols of varying values across the cards and what’s more incredible is some of these scratch card games offer jackpot prizes that go beyond the standard win amount. Now how does that sound!

Keno & Numbers

Casino lounge games are another great way to make money while taking a casual approach to your next casino visit. After a long gaming session, there’s nothing more relaxing than kicking back for a game of Keno while you watch your numbers being called, with the chance to winning bigger and bigger prizes with every match.

The way it works is similar to a lottery, you’ll want to pick a set of numbers from a field, most typically around 80. In many cases you’ll be able to select as many as 20 numbers. Once you’re done, the game will begin and random numbers will show up on the game board as selected at random. The more numbers picked that also match your selections, the more you stand to win when the picking phase has been completed.

Genie’s Hi-Lo is another great game where you make a prediction and attempt to guess the next card to be drawn by Genie. Will it be higher or lower? The more correct answers you get in a row, the more you win! Around the world is a game that will take you there, too. In this feature you’ll make the prediction of a higher or lower number to come next. If your prediction is correct you’ll be taking a trip around the world with all your new found winnings.

Asian Games

Asian games are a staple at any casino, with dice and tile games featured in abundance on the casino floor at 21Nova Casino. Thanks to features like Pai Gow Poker, Sic Bo, and mahjong you’re sure to get a healthy dose of culture with these fantastic titles. Each of these games offers a delightfully exotic experience and the opportunity to win cold hard cash on every round of play.

Take Pai Gow for example, where a 52-card deck is used to play draw poker with the addition of a single joker into the mix. Players go against the dealer and try to hold a winning hand to make their fortune in this draw poker favourite. Sic Bo is an unforgettable three-dice game experience, where you’ll be able to place wagers in a vast amount of variations on the table before each roll. Place your wager and roll the dice to see just how much you can win. And who could forget Mahjong, An iconic tile game from the Far East that will give you a “ready hand” of tiles. All you have to do is form the winning combination in a limited number of moves to ensure you come out a winner.

Virtual Sports

When the bookie seems like just too much of an effort, or the number line is just too intimidating, there’s a superior selection of Virtual Sports games at 21Nova Casino. Take a trip to the races and bet on your winning horse in Derby day, or take it easy on the lanes in Bonus Bowling and knock down a few pins to reveal your prize. If you fancy yourself a bit of football, you can go head to head against the keeper in Penalty Shootout and sink your shot into the back of the net to come out a champion with the paycheck to prove it.

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