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Tequila Poker
Another unique variation on the game of poker offered at the casino, Tequila Poker lets you wager in more than one way. Make your wager in the traditional style or tequila-style for a fun twist on a classic card game.
Casino Hold'em Live
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When you want a better game of online Texas Hold'em poker, nothing beats a game of Casino Hold'em Live. Played just as you would at the local poker room or garage game, you're going up against the house in this live card feature.
Pai Gow Poker
Based on the classic eastern game played with dominoes, Pai Gow Poker deliver an exciting experience with every hand and promises substantial rewards when you come out a winner. Try out an exotic twist on a casino classic.
Hold'em Showdown
Nothing gets as tense as Texas Hold’em Showdown. You’ll have your work cut out for you on the poker table in this casino game, where predicting the result of the showdown is your test to pass before receiving a cash payout.
Red Dog
Red Dog is a popular variation on the even more popular poker card game. All you need to do to come out a winner is predict whether your 3rd card dealt will fall within or outside of the two cards you’ve been previously dealt.
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When you want a card game with class, Baccarat is the name of the game. Your objective is to hold the highest value hand possible against the house. Low numbers are what you want, as face cards are worth nothing in this feature.
A casino feature with striking similarities to Blackjack, Stravaganza’s objective is the same as you try gather a higher value hand than the dealer. Hold the highest value hand and you might win the progressive jackpot.
7 Seat Baccarat Live
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Baccarat isn't just a game for casino back rooms and high-class clientele. You can win serious cash prizes as well in 7-seat baccarat. Play with up to six others and try to hold a hand with the high value of 9 in this casino classic.
Perfect Blackjack Multihand 5
A perfect Blackjack is what everyone wants to see when they get an initial hand at the Blackjack table. If you can get the most sought after hand on your first deal, you stand to gain as much as 25x your initial wager.
Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender
Say goodbye to solo casino blackjack in Multiplayer Blackjack Surrender. You’ll be playing blackjack with a group in this game where you can even bow out early on a bad hand to save yourself from losing a full bet.
Progressive Blackjack
Blackjack is a game that can fill your bank account rather quickly, but when you throw a progressive jackpot into the mix the opportunity to walk away a richer player gets even better. Paly your cards right for a shot at the top prize.
Live Mini Blackjack
Straight up Blackjack is the name of the game here and the live aspect makes you feel like you’ve sat down to your own private table with none of the distractions. Get the real deal from your own croupier as soon as you take your seat.
Double Attack Blackjack
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Are you ready for a double-dose of blackjack at the casino? In double Attack Blackjack you'll have twice the betting power against the house with a second betting round taking place after the dealer has been dealt their up card.
Blackjack Surrender
If the game is tight and you can't take another hit, Blackjack Surrender lets you keep losses to a minimum with the option to surrender your hand and leave a bad situation early. This is a sure way to keep any portion of a losing hand.
Blackjack Super 21
As if Blackjack wasn't fun or rewarding enough, Super Blackjack 21 takes the game further. In this game the more cards you have in your hand the better. Holding more than four cards without going bust will give you the highest payouts.
Blackjack Pro
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Blackjack Pro will let you feel at home at the card table. You'll still be after a high ranking against the dealer, but don’t go over 21 or you’re bust! Play with up to three hands at once, making use of double down and split plays!
Blackjack Peek
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A nice twist on the classic game of Blackjack, this version of the card game where 21 is the objective hand value lets you take a look at both the dealer's cards. Play the odds with more informed wagers in Blackjack Peek.
American Blackjack
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We're taking to you all the way to the states in American Blackjack, an iconic casino classic when it comes to card games. You'll have a roarin' good time when you sit down to the tables and try to beat the house with a hand of 21.
21 Duel Blackjack Multihand
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A special spin on blackjack is what you can expect in this feature. Use a set of community cards, not just the cards you are dealt, to create the strongest hand possible. Get three of a kind and you'll be rewarded with a 20-1 payout!

Casinos are known for dealing with decks on a massive scale and our selection of cards games can be compared to the biggest providers in Vegas and beyond. Whether you want simple game of 21 against the house or opt for more cards in your hand, the variety of card games at 21Nova Casino is sure to fit the bill.

With these games, players of any background can find a table with a play style and stakes they can enjoy. The feeling of freedom as you choose to take a casual approach to any of these games or raise the stakes and feel like a real casino high-roller is one we’re sure you’ll return for again and again.


One of the most iconic card games of the casino floor. Blackjack is an instant classic that amateur and professional card sharks can enjoy equally. The premise is simple, turn your hand into one of the highest value, or as close as you can get, without going over. Turn every hit into a handful for the house as you stack the chips in your favor with every win. Aim for 21, but if you play your cards right you won’t have to reach it. Special rules say the dealer must draw when they hold a specific valued hand.

Blackjack comes in several varieties at the casino, including classic, multi-hand and even jackpot varieties. Play the game your way with betting denominations on every style in amounts that suit your budget, whether you’re playing for pennies or pounds.


A card game that has taken the world by storm for decades, poker is one of the most popular casino games for good reason. Its culture has spread beyond the casino floor into homes and standalone rooms across the world. Poker is a game for players young and old who enjoy the thrill of playing the opponent just as much as the cards.

Get your fill of excitement at the tables with several unique variations of the game that have been collected from around the world and made available for your convenience right here at 21Nova Casino. Texas Hold’em, Hi-Lo, Pai Gow and so many more styles are yours to enjoy, any time of day or night. Play for pocket change or go for broke at high-stakes tables to up the ante. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be pleased with each and every poker style found at the casino.


Perhaps misrepresented as a game reserved for high-culture and well-to-do VIPs in casino back rooms, Baccarat is a card game made famous in popular culture films and television shows from all over the globe. This game puts a touch of sophistication on the casino floor with a few unmistakable features that set it apart from the rest.

You’ll be putting your skills to the test as you try to best the table’s croupier in a duel to see who holds the higher value hand. You’ll be looking to land a score of nine in a game where high cards are rather worthless.

Put on your game face and get ready to up the stakes as a baccarat high-roller, or keep things modest with betting options to suit every taste. The rules are simple, all you have to do is tell the house you’re ready to be dealt a hand.

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