Marvel Slots

Blade 50 Lines
A Marvel masterpiece with the half-human, half-vampire hunter of Marvel comics and films, Blade 50 lines lets you team up with the superhero on a slots featuring jackpots, wilds, scatters and an incredible 50 paylines on the reels.
Wolverine is all the rage when it comes to online casino slots. In his own featured game, Wolverine becomes the focus of savage rewards on the reels with four incredible jackpots just waiting to be won by one lucky player.
Thor The Mighty Avenger
Thor The Mighty Avenger puts Odin’s son and heir to Asgard at the helm of your next slots adventure. Join his team of deities on a quest to fight evil across the reels and deliver you royal payouts as well as four jackpots to be won.
The Avengers
One of Marvel Comics’ most iconic crime fighting groups, this troop of superheroes is on the scene to win you some serious cash. Four jackpots are yours to play for, including a progressive payout will continue to grow until won.
Peter Parker is known for his wall-crawling and web-slinging antics in the big city. You can join forces and enjoy the spoils of his photography business on the side, selling candid shots of Spidey in action to the Daily Bugle.
Iron Man 3
Iron Man returns again in the Iron Man 3 slot, with truly awe-inspiring visual effects and sound some of the coolest mechanics that casino slots can offer. Great jackpots are yours to claim with the correct combination on the reels.
Iron Man 2 50 Lines
Iron Man has boosted his backing of this fruit machine. Iron Man 2 50 lines boasts 50 ways to get paid across the reels while you play for some of the biggest prizes the casino has to offer. A progressive jackpot is waiting to be won.
Iron Man 2
Tony stark has all the money he needs, which means you’ll have free reign to collect everything his fantastic feature, Iron Man 2, has to offer. Wilds, Scatters, and other symbols help you on a quest to claim the progressive jackpot.
Iron Man
You’re going to be teaming up with the world’s coolest billionaire in the Iron Man slot. Suit up and get ready for takeoff in this feature boasting fantastic rewards alongside and unforgettable casino experience.
Incredible Hulk 50 Lines
Hulk is raging harder than ever with a second edition of his exclusive Marvel feature. Break down walls to reveal even more rewards in the Incredible Hulk 50 lines! Three fixed jackpots and one progressive prize are waiting to be won.
Incredible Hulk
There’s no beating the Hulk when it comes to power-packed payouts in a larger than life slots feature. Take your place next to the greenest superhero around and spin to win one of four incredible jackpots waiting to be claimed.
Ghost Rider
This undead super hero is burning up the reels on a motorcycle, equipped with a flaming chain. A crime fighter like no other, Ghost Rider needs your help to take back the biggest heists the criminal element of this city has ever seen.
Fantastic Four 50 lines
The next big adventure for the fantastic four is right in front of your eyes. They need you to help them in their power-packed quest on the reels, this time featuring a whopping 50 paylines alongside four jackpots ripe for the taking.
Fantastic Four
The Fantastic Four are at it again in this slot they take on the forces evil. They may have super powers, but that doesn't mean they can't use someone like you on their side. Put those reels to use and see what rewards you can find.
Marvel's electric heroine is back in her own slot. Pair up with Elektra in this fabulous Marvel game as you fight crime and pick up rewards along the reels at the same time. Four jackpots are yours to win when you make the right spin.
Marvel Comic's best blind superhero needs your eyes as you two try to combine matching symbols along the reels. Fight crime in the big city to ensure there will be spoils to enjoy after the long night. What's left is yours to claim.
Captain America
A marvelous feature that lets you team up with one of America's most beloved superheroes, Captain America. You'll have your work cut out for you on the reels, but this game promises massive rewards if you're willing to go the distance.
X-Men 50 lines
This marvel slots feature is among the most popular at the casino, where players can get a taste of what it’s like to play as both the heroes and the villains. An incredible four jackpots are available to be won as well.

Some of the most popular games at the casino include those developed in partnership with Marvel Studios. Each one of these titles is custom made using all the fantastic sights and sounds from comics, TV shows and Movies featuring the biggest Marvel superheroes. Your days and nights will be action packed with every play you make on these incredible games.

Marvel Studios has worked with the biggest names in casino game development to deliver these fantastically rewarding Marvel slots and Marvel table games. These titles captivate players and deliver some of the biggest jackpots you can find anywhere online.

Don’t worry about deciding on which one to play first, every one of these games has something unique to offer, both in terms of experience and rewards. With special features abound and jackpots to be won on every game, you’ll have no problem falling in love with these super-sized casino favourites.

Special Features

Each one of our highlighted Marvel games is skillfully crafted by the industry’s top game developers. Special features are a staple of every one of these games and all of them are in place to better your chances of coming out a winner on each spin. Many of the Marvel games we feature offer as many of 50 ways to win! While there are simply too many features to name individually, we’ll toss a few your way just to give a taste of what’s in store for you on your next Marvel mission.

You might be familiar with Scatters and Wilds, which are all available in high volume in Marvel games, but the bonus rounds are really where these titles outshine the competition. Match the right combination of symbols to unlock these special modes and participate in amazingly crafted bonus rounds like The Incredible Hulk’s Helicopter Smash, Iron Man’s Missile Attack, and Captain America’s Supercharged Free Games feature.

The biggest Marvel titles include unmistakable heroes and heroines like Electra, Blade, the X-Men, Fantastic Four and so many more.

Progressive Jackpots

Another feature unique to the Marvel games at 21Nova Casino are jackpots. That’s right, jackpots. Not one, not two, or three, but four jackpots are available to be won at any time along the reels and Roulette wheel when you play these unforgettable games.

All Marvel features at the casino are linked with the same amazing jackpots and each prize can be won as many times as you can make it happen. When the correct symbols are matched along the reels or on the Marvel Roulette wheel, you’ll be transported to the Marvel jackpots feature.

This bonus round will put you face to face with a grid of hidden symbols. You’ll have to select your picks from a field of face-down symbols and match enough to win one of the four prizes available. If your picks are correct you’ll receive an instant cash reward for the amount of the corresponding jackpot.

This is topped off with the grand prize progressive jackpot, which continually grows with each passing second until won by one marvelous player. Keep in mind the only way to qualify for the top prize is to bet the max before you spin the reels or the wheel.

So what are you waiting for? See what super rewards you can secure in your next Marvel adventure.

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