3D Roulette
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Enjoy a classic casino table game in a whole new dimension. 3D Roulette will suck you in as it hops right off your display, entertaining you with stunning graphics and the same great potential for massive rewards Roulette is known for.
Multiplayer French Roulette
Roulette is always more fun when playing with a group. Get together with strangers and friends in this unique version of the game that sports French rules at the table. You’ll be front row as the bets are placed and wheel is spun.
NewAR Roulette
New AR Roulette brings a classic into the modern age with better graphics, sounds and a slew of betting options you will be hard pressed to play through. Place your bets with this version of the game that uses American Rules.
Penny Roulette
Roulette is a great game at any stake level, but not everyone can live up to the iconic imagery of high-rollers around the wheel. Now, you can get all the excitement with less of the risk involved when you play Penny Roulette.
Pinball Roulette
A new perspective on roulette is waiting for you in this version of the iconic casino table game. You’ll be playing the iconic game on a strip rather than a wheel, but the same great bets are all available for you to take advantage of.
Premium American Roulette
A step up from the casino standard, Premium American Roulette offers you a chance to play the world’s most iconic casino game of predictions with an American rule set. Step up to the table and get a premium experience every game.
Premium French Roulette
When you’re after a premium game with every spin of the roulette wheel, look no further than the Premium French Roulette experience. As its name suggests, this version of roulette is played with a French rule set.
Premium Pro Roulette
A game that doubles down on upgraded experience, Premium Pro Roulette will no doubt provide you with hours of quality entertainment at the casino. Enjoy a superior environment while utilizing an impressive range of betting options.
Roulette Pro
Roulette is not just a game for casino pros, but you can feel like one no matter what you level of experience in this exciting version of the game. In Roulette Pro you’ll be making bets based on your predictions for cash payouts.
Multiplayer European Roulette
Roulette is even better when you get to play with a group, be it with friends or strangers. Now is your opportunity to get a front seat to the tables in Multiplayer European Roulette, where European rules are in your favour.
Multi Wheel Roulette
What could be better than a game of the casino’s most recognizable wheel game of predictions? A Roulette feature that offer multiple wheels on which to play! Try out a new take on the classic game I Multi-wheel Roulette today.
Marvel Roulette
Roulette is even better when charged with super-sized payouts. Marvel Roulette delivers the good with both adventure and rewards waiting for you on every spin. Jackpots are available to win as well when you land on the lucky number.
Age Of The Gods Roulette
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A mythical theme for a casino classic, you’ll set out for adventure when you take a spin on the wheel of fate in Age of the Gods Roulette. Be faced with gods of the old world on your quest to reap the rewards of foresight.
American Roulette
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A beloved casino classic, roulette is a staple of any game floor. This version takes rules from the American side of the Atlantic. Place your wagers before the wheel is spun and once it comes to rest you may have won a hefty sum.
Club Roulette
You'll feel like a VIP in Club Roulette. Make your wagers in a variety of ways and enjoy the thrill of the game like an inside player. Every spin of the wheel has real potential to turn you into a richer player with every round.
European Roulette
A truly classic casino game, this version of the unmistakable Roulette follows European rules where the odds are stacked ever so slightly in the player's favour. Place your bets in an array of ways and give the wheel a spin.
Exclusive Roulette
Are you ready for a special experience at the casino? With Exclusive Roulette you'll feel like you've already hit the jackpot. This game is one that uses European Roulette rules, so you're getting VIP treatment along with better odds.
French Roulette
Enjoy a bit good fortune in one of the greatest casino games ever created. French roulette only houses one ‘0’ on the wheel, meaning the odds are better for players than other Roulette variations, like American rules Roulette.
Live French Roulette
Live French Roulette delivers the live game of Roulette you have been searching for and uses the French rules of the game. That means you’ve got odds in your favour to come out a winner on every spin of the wheel.
Live Roulette
Roulette in a word is mesmerizing nothing beats putting down a bet and being hypnotized by the wheel as it spins, only to rest on your prediction. Now you can enjoy the experience live at a private table with your own croupier.
Premium European Roulette
Premium European Roulette promises to deliver an exciting and elegant experience with every spin of the Roulette wheel. Place your wagers just as you would in any version of the game, but remember you’re playing under European Rules.

If you’re ready to dive in to the exhilarating atmosphere of high-paying casino table games, look no further than Roulette. These games offer an incredible number of betting options with stakes to suit every level of player, from casual to high-roller.

Have a look at the many Roulette varieties available at 21Nova Casino. Try one or try them all, each offers a unique experience with equally rewarding potential on every spin of the wheel.

European Roulette

A classic version of the most iconic wheel game on the casino floor, this variety of Roulette comes from the east-side of the Atlantic. European Rules roulette is a version of the game that offers the potential to reap incredible rewards on a single spin. This game is an instant hit among players thanks to its small edge in favour of the player when compared to other versions of Roulette.

Place your bets as you please, on red or black, even or odds, and a slew of other options in-between. You can make multiple wagers on the table at once, put it all on a long-shot, or go for a safe bet. You’ve got a lot of control when it comes to how you want to play, making each spin a new experience with new potential to strike it rich.

American Roulette

A longstanding staple of the American casino scene, and even popular among many European players, you can see what it’s like to play your favourite game with a taste of the States without ever having to set foot outside your front door. American Roulette is unique, with opportunities land a high-ranking payout. However this version of the game also gives the house a bit of an edge.

You’ll be able to place your wager in an array of ways, with multiple positions across the board available. Bet on red or black, highs or lows, the options are vast with the potential payouts to match. Clear your bets, repeat the last round’s, or try a new strategy with just the click of a button.

Live Roulette

A big hit among players all over the world, Live Roulette gives you the opportunity to visit a casino floor without having to leave home. You’ll get a first-person perspective and all the excitement that comes with it as you are taken to your own private roulette table with a real croupier waiting to take your bets.

Place your wagers, chat or tip your dealer, and enjoy the excitement of a true to life casino experience that provides you with the VIP treatment. You can make all the same bets according to color, number sets, or any combination you see fit. There is no experience that compares to the excitement of being a VIP with your won table and dealer in Live Roulette.

A New Spin on Roulette

Beyond the more common variations of roulette, new and exciting features have begun popping up everywhere. 21Nova Casino has gathered the hottest and most rewarding new roulette games in one place for you to enjoy. Take your pick of fabulous Roulette variations that have superhero themes, multiple wheels or even allow you to play with others from around the globe. There are even versions of the game that feature massive cash prizes in the form of progressive jackpots. These special feature rewards will grow and grow and grow until won by a single player, perhaps it will be you!

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