8 Ball Slots
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When you're a billiards player with slots on the brain, 8-ball Slots will satisfy your craving with the best of both worlds. Sink a winning combination along the reels and hit a pool-hall jackpot every time you rack up a new spin.
A Night Out
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When a night in is all want, but the excitement of a night on the town is just too good to pass up, A Night Out Slot fits the bill. Get all the thrills of nightlife in the city with a chance to come home richer than when you left.
Ace Ventura
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You just can't beat the famous Ace Ventura pet detective when the case is casino slots. Enter super sleuth mode and uncover what clues you can and lead the way to a big payout. It's your turn to play pet detective on Ace Ventura!
Adventures in Wonderland
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Following in the footsteps of Lewis Carroll's fantasy writings on Alice in Wonderland, this slot features nonsensical visuals alongside rewards that are out of this world. Start your trip down the rabbit hole with a spin today!
Age Of The Gods
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The gods are busy in their struggle to maintain or dethrone the reigning powers. Be amazed with the imposing images and sounds this slot features along with potential to bestow divine rewards on any player willing to test their fate.
Alchemist's Lab
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You'll be busy at work trying to figure out the secret formula in the Alchemist's Lab slot. Lucky for you, there are several ways to make award-winning potions and brews. See if you can find the on that turns lead into gold.
Alien Hunter
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A stranger in a strange land, you’re the one who must contend with the aliens of outer space in this interplanetary slots adventure. See what rewards the visitors from another world carry with them, you may find some of great value.
Amazon WIld
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When you're packed and ready, set out for adventure in the world's biggest rainforest. Amazon Wild is truly offering you an untapped resource when it comes to slots rewards. See what you’ll discover in the next ruins you stumble upon.
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You're already a master with a bow and arrow in this adventurous slot. Why not put those skills to use and see if you can hit a bull’s-eye on the reels. Make your mark, strike with precision, and the next shot could land you a fortune.
Atlantis Queen
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You're on a deep sea adventure, diving to the lost city of Atlantis in search of sunken treasure. Take in all the fantastic sights of this underwater wonder on the ocean floor. Spin the reels and reveal what treasures are waiting.
Bai Shi
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Ancient eastern mythology is what this slot’s theme is all about. Dragons, lion, royal jewels, and more with a gilded touch are what's in store. Have a go and see what ancient delights you can win with the right recipe on the reels.
Battle Of The Gods
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The gods are furious, but that's great news for you! While they're busy fighting over power of the mortal realm, you'll be busy stealing their vast treasures. Unlock the correct set of symbols along the reels to reveal your fortune.
Beach Life
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Time to take a bit of time for yourself with one of the most popular slots and popular pastimes around. Beach Life is where you want to be when it comes to jackpot rewards, thanks to a party in the sun the just doesn’t stop.
Bermuda Triangle
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The fabled triangle where planes and ships have been lost throughout the centuries has reemerged at the casino. However, in this case you're free to gather up all the treasures these wrecks have to offer in the Bermuda Triangle slot.
Bonus Bears
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Feel like getting out of the city for a bit of fun? Then Bonus Bears is right up your alley. Take it easy with some time away in this slot that offers plenty of opportunities to stick your hand in the honey jar and come out a winner.
Britain's Got Talent
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One of the highest rated shows on British television, Britain's got talent leaves you in the spotlight and if you can win the approval of these 5 reels and 20 paylines, then you'll be walking home with more than just at winning smile!
Buffalo Blitz
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Middle America never looked so good. This feature that features images from the Great Plains of North America, Buffalo Blitz with show you just how hard a stampeding slot can hit. Collect the correct animal symbols on the reels to win.
Captain Cannon's Circus of Cash
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A wacky night at the circus may be just what you need and once your ticket to the show is bought, all that's left is to spin the reels. Get all the excitement of the circus without ever leaving home in Captain Cannon's Circus of Cash.
Captains Treasure
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Take the helm as captain of this vessel and steer your crew to where X marks the spot. Drop anchor and get ready to dig, for your fortune and glory is buried just below the coastal surf and sand in Captain's Treasure slot.
Captain's Treasure Pro
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You're a seasoned captain in this ship-rocked slots adventure, all that's left to do is gather the crew and set sale for where the treasure map says gold is buried. Spin the reels to reveal if you're digging on the right beach or not.
Cat in Vegas
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Ready for a romp in Vegas with onewacky cat? This guy is ready for a night on the Vegas Strip and won’t settle for less. Neither should you. Paint the town while you spin the reels and see if you can leave richer than you came.
Cat Queen
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You'll feel like you've jumped in a time machine when playing this ancient Egyptian-themed slot. Cat Queen is not short on rewards either, with gold, power, and jewels abound, ready for you to claim with the right spin on the reels.
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Strut your stuff in the Catwalk slot. The world of high fashion never looked so good and you've got an inside perspective in this feature. Don your best threads for this one as you're competing for the high-profile cash on every spin.
Cherry Love
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This woman has a knack for catching the eye of wanting suitors. Only she's dishing out cash rewards along the reels rather than something a bit more risqué. What could sound better than sweet surprise on your next casino spin?
Chests Of Plenty
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Few features can deliver the goods like Chests of Plenty. Now is your chance to test your mettle on the seven seas in search for sunken gems and gold. A progressive jackpot is up for grabs if you can muster the courage to play for it.
Chinese Kitchen
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Sometimes you're just in the mood for a bit of exotic fare, and in Chinese kitchen you can put together a savory dish that results in a massive response on the reels. Combine the right symbols for cuisine to receive a good fortune.
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When you’re ready for some steamy action on the stage, let Chippendales dancers take you away to what can only be referred to as the playground. These studs are ready to lay down the full monty and show you the goods.
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A 5-reel feature film in the form of a slot machine, you can be in the industry in this exciting Hollywood-themed game. High paying contracts abound, you can even top it off with a massive jackpot when you land the right combination.
Cops N' Bandits
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You're on the trail of bandits and while you're in hot pursuit, picking up the loot they've dropped along the way. Match the symbols across the reels and collect bonus after bonus in every game of Cops N' Bandits.
Cowboys and Aliens slots
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Take you play to the Wild West in this new found feature where you're putting both past and future together in the present. Load your six gun and see if you can beat the ray guns of a distance force bent on stealing your riches.
Crazy 7
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There's nothing better than a simple game of slots with some solid rewards to make any visit to the casino a memorable one. Take this one for a spin and see how Crazy 7 slot can turn any play into one you won't soon forget.
Daring Dave
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Explore your adventurous side and take your gaming to an exotic location. With Daring Dave you can do just that. You'll be diving into the mysterious pyramids of ancient Egypt, uncovering hidden treasure buried below centuries of sand.
Desert Treasure
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The shifting sands have revealed a hidden trove of treasure buried deep in the desert. However, you're not the only one trying to claim these rewards for your own. Get to spinning and claim all you can before they're gone!
Desert Treasure II
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The second saga in a treasure hunt has led you back to the depths of the desert. Trudge through the sand on your way to where rewards are waiting. Spin the reels and match symbols of desert to claim the treasure for your own.
Dolphin Cash
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Deep sea swimming with dolphins is a dream come true for some, but you have the opportunity to that and more in the Dolphin Cash slot. Spin the reels to reveal all sorts of ocean life and the treasures they enjoy in the deep blue sea.
Dolphin Paradise
Enjoy a vacation in paradise as you swim with dolphins in the Dolphin Paradise slot. Every dive into the sea is a new adventure, especially when every spin offers opportunity to climb out of the water with treasure lining your pockets.
Dolphin Reef
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Coral reefs are some of the most precious environments on earth and not just because they're beautiful. Dolphin Reef will show you exactly what kind of riches the sea's bounty can provide as you spin the reels in search of rewards.
Dr. LoveMore
You'll fall head over heels for this insatiable slot. Dr. LoveMore is all about romance and how to make the reels put out. Give this slot a spin and see what sweet nothings you can gather with the world's best wingman, Dr. LoveMore.
Dragon Kingdom
You'll be transported to a world of fantasy and mythical creatures in the Dragon Kingdom slot. Featuring Fire-breathing beasts and armor-clad knights abound, match symbols along the reels to turn every spin into a rewarding adventure.
Easter Surprise
It's spring-time year round in this fantastic slot decorated with Easter bunnies, painted eggs, chocolates and more. Celebrate one of the world's most beloved holidays and see what goodies you can find in your hunt on the reels.
This Spanish beauty is ready to be swept her off her feet, or is she trying to seduce you with a moonlit rendezvous? You're in for romance in with this sultry slots feature. Match symbols along the reels to reveal a lovely surprise.
Everybody's Jackpot
A very unique slots feature with a progressive jackpot ripe for the taking, Everybody's Jackpot does something no other slot does. Make a qualifying bet while you play and if the jackpot is won, you'll get a share of the total sum!
Fairest Of Them All
Mirror Mirror on the wall, which slot is the fairest of them all? Well, Fairest Of Them All, of course. This slot is themed after the famous story of Snow White and provides plenty of ways to match symbols and reveal supreme rewards.
Fei Cui Gong Zhu
The orient is full of wonderful surprises, with one of the most astounding coming from the secret garden in Fei Cui Gong Zhu. Unlock the bonus round in this beautifully crafted slot to win as much as 10,000x your line bet.
Fei Long Zai Tian
A beautiful slot focusing on creatures of myth and lore, dragons, the phoenix and more are waiting to be matched along the reels. See if you can make the right combinations appear and turn into ancient treasures right before your eyes.
The flames are getting higher and the reels are fanning the flames on this red hot slot. Fight fire alongside these hose jockeys and spin the reels to reveal what your grateful slots citizens have in store for your next big bonus.
Football Carnival
This game is nothing but a party on the field, thanks to a charming mixture of two of Brazil's favorite pastimes. Lace up your boots and put on your party face, these reels are giving every winning combination cash rewards.
Football Fans
A true football fan lives and breathes the sport both on and off the pitch. Playing this slot is a great way to show your love of the game and at the same time get paid! Spin to match football-themed symbols and get striking payouts.
Football Rules
You’ve got your eyes set on the top prize in this slot that was made for football fans. You know the rules, now all that’s left is to place your bet, spin the reels and hope you reach the back of the net to land a champion’s reward.
Forest of Wonders
There are plenty of wonders hiding in this fantasy-themed forest. Go on a trip down the wonderland rabbit hole in search of the sweet stuff that will help your rewards grow. The reels are waiting, are you ready to dive in?
Fortune Hill
There’s nothing like a little hillside fun with gnomes and giants to make your day go from mundane to magnificent. Tag along with these jolly little fixtures from a fantasy world and see where they lead you in the search for payouts.
Fountain of Youth
Who wouldn’t want to be young and beautiful forever? While that simply isn’t a reality, this slot sure never gets old. Strike out on a quest in search of the fountain of youth, you may find more than you bargained for.
Foxy Fortune
On this fox hunt you’re not looking for cute little critters in their dens, but a foxy fortune you call your own. Gather all the special symbols, including wilds, scatters, win multipliers, and free games to smoke out the biggest sum.
Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven Jackpot
A jockey whose name is as recognizable as any of sport’s greatest athletes, Frankie Detorri has a special slot created in his honor. You too can relive the glory of his legendary racing run and spin the reels for your own grand prize.
Frankie Dettori's Magic Seven
The man is magic on horseback, as he proved in winning more trophies than most can name! Now Frankie Dettori’s got his own magic slot where you can relive the legendary performance of this jockey and pick up cash prizes for big wins.
Full Moon Fortunes
This game takes place in a dark and spooky land, full of mythical beasts and hunters looking to put an end to their terrorizing the nearby villages. Collect your gear as you prepare for a hunt of your own on the reels.
Funky Fruits Farm
They grow payouts big on the farm, the Funky Fruits Farm in this case. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for an easy day’s work while you pick up these fruit machine bonuses and cash rewards with each spin of the reels.
Funky Fruits Jackpot
As if a bountiful harvest of cash payouts wasn’t enough on the Funky Fruits Farm, this season has produced a massive jackpot for you to win. Pick the fruits of fortune at every opportunity and go for the biggest peach of them all.
Funky Monkey
Time to get wild and swing across the reels with these funky monkeys. The fun is just getting started when you decide it’s time to spin and match symbols in this funky slot. Pluck juicy rewards as you go swinging from tree to tree.
Furious Four
Another installment of the Age of the Gods slots, Furious Four is a battle royale among the four most fearsome deities. Each has an offer to sway your allegiance to their side. You won’t have to choose one though, you can win them all!
Geisha Story Jackpot
A prim and proper example of ancient Japanese society, Geisha story beautifully illustrates themes from the Far East that seem a world away from today. Match together all sorts of special symbols on the reels to really stack up wins.
Ghosts Of Christmas
Don’t let Scrooge take the holiday spirit out of your Christmas celebration. He may be a mean old miser, but he’s got great wealth to share if you can unlock his stone heart. Spin the reels to find the secret combination of symbols.
You’re fighting for your just rewards in this slots feature of rare fortune. Take to the coliseum and show your prowess as a fighter in the best venue one could ask for. Match the special symbols to unlock this slot’s bonus feature.
Gladiator Jackpot
The arena is a true test of any gladiator’s skills, and this will be your biggest obstacle yet. However, there’s a light at the end of this tunnel. If you are the champion, you’ll walk away with an incredible progressive jackpot prize.
Goblins Cave
Goblin’s are hardly cause for alarm in this special slots feature, where a group of rag tag ruffians has already done you the service of hoarding great treasures. Just unlock the right symbols to claim their trove as your own.
Goddess of Life
The Goddess of Life is ready to give you her blessing. Get more than you ever thought possible out of this 20-payline slot. A progressive jackpot makes things even sweeter, all that’s left is to spin the reels and reveal your prize.
Goddess of Wisdom
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The Goddess of Wisdom is one who knows to deliver exactly what players want. At the casino your desire for big payouts is no secret and with good fortune from the goddess you’ll find exactly what you came looking for.                                                                                        

Gold Rally
Pack your tools and gather your supplies, this gold digging adventure is about to begin. Gold Rally slot is full of the feverish atmosphere of the California gold rush. However, you don’t have to leave home to uncover your fortune.
Golden Games
When you’re competing for the gold, nothing less than first place will do. We know you have what it takes to deliver the best performance and for that we deliver the best in top-tier rewards on this athletic-themed slot.
Golden Tour
If you’re a fan of the links, then this slot is the game for you. The Golden Tour slot is all about tournament play on the green. Driving for show, putting for dough; that’s the name of the game!
Great Blue
You won’t want to waste any time diving in to this wonderful water-themed slot machine. Deep Blue offers all the treasures of the sea at your fingertips with the aid of stacked wilds, free spins, and win multipliers.
Halloween Fortune
You don’t have to go door to door for your treats this Halloween. Collect all the goodies you can fit in your bag right here with Halloween Fortune. As spooky theme will keep you on the edge of your seat while spinning for treats.
Haunted House
Haunted houses are not for the faint of heart, but this special feature provides a reward well worth the trip. Put your fears aside and discover all the great things revealed in the light of the full moon money bonus round.
Hawaiian Treasure
Hawaiian Treasure will turn you into an islander overnight with paradise waiting for you around every turn. Get your fill of fun and sun with your feet in the sand while you spin the reels to reveal what island treasure you’ll uncover.
Highway Kings
If you’re looking for a rewarding career behind the wheel of an eighteen-wheel big rig, then Highway kings is one casino slot you won’t want to pass up. Place your bets and get ready for an adventure on the open road.
Highway Kings Pro
A slot that puts you in the driver’s seat as a veteran trucker, Highway Kings Pro is the real deal when it comes to packing as many powerful payouts as possible on wheels. Start your engines and get ready to hit it big on the highway.
Hot Gems
No need to dig any deep deeper in search of treasure, you’ve just hit the mother lode! Hot gems are all around you, you just have to pick up what you can by matching symbols along the reels. Spin to win these precious stones.
Ice Hockey
Grab your gear and get ready to step onto the ice in this feature that’s a real hit among hockey fans. Ice hockey will never be the same thanks to this 15-line slot that pays both ways across the reels. Now, line up that slap shot!
Ice Run
Ice Run is all about the Iditarod and you’ll need to suit up in your winter clothes if you want to win the grand prize at the end of this icy race. The payoff is big, but you’ll need stamina to get you over the finish line.
Innocence or Temptation
You don’t have to choose whether you want to be good or bad in this slots feature, because you can have the best of both worlds. Go for bigger payouts or more spins along the reels. Both have their benefits and you can enjoy each.
Jackpot Giant
Jackpots in this casino game are growing larger than life itself. Get a super-sized slots experience when you spin the reels in Jackpot Giant and see if you can secure a fortune for yourself of giant proportions.
Jade Emperor
You’ll find wealth waiting for you in the Jade Emperor slot. With his dynasty coming to an end, it’s time for a new ruler to emerge. Match the ancient symbols along the reels to win enough gold to found a kingdom of your own.
Jekyll and Hyde
Two side of the same coin are what you’ll be faced with in this split personality slot. Both Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde have their strengths on the reels. Reveal them both to ensure you have a smashing good time with wins abound.
Ji Xiang 8
Eight is your lucky number in this slot featuring many recognizable and favourably fortunate symbols in Chinese culture. Ji Xiang 8 offers you eight paylines on which to match symbols and reap real rewards.
Jin Qian Wa
Jin Qian Wa is an elaborately decorated 5-reel slot that features several paylines on which to match Chinese symbols of antiquity. Spin to combine as many wilds and scatters as you can each round and watch the rewards really stack up.
John Wayne
Hollywood’s most recognizable cowboy is back in his own featured slot. You’ll be deputized by the stoic sheriff and fight alongside him on horseback as you right through the desolate old west and put an end to criminals who run wild.
Juicy Booty
Beyond its arguably provocative name, Juicy Booty offers plenty of wholesome imagery and great opportunity to cash in on easy to win rewards. This game also has a progressive jackpot you can really sink your teeth into.
Jungle Boogie
Get your groove on in the Jungle Boogie slot, where you can party with all the tropical wildlife without ever having to leave home. Even better is the chance to take home a jackpot worth up to 4000x you line bet.
Jungle Trouble
Things can get pretty hairy when you’re lost in the jungle, but in Jungle trouble the only issue is trying to figure out how to carry home all your winnings on your own. Get up to 1000x your line bet when you win the top prize.
King Of Olympus
This slot is just divine and for fans of mythology, King of Olympus delivers an exceptional experience not just in rewards, but quality visual and audio content. A progressive jackpot prize could be in your fate if the stars align.
Kong broke the box office with an unforgettable feature detailing the journey of the gargantuan ape from Skull Island. Relive the story in two tales on the reels in this full feature slot that offers double the opportunity for rewards.
Land of Gold
Ireland may not be the land of gold, but it set the stage for this slot with many of its beloved myths and folklore. Get a peek at the leprechauns gold and he’ll part with a few shillings for your matching symbols on the reels.
Leprechauns Luck
You don’t need luck to come out a winner when you spin the reels in this Leprechaun-themed slot. All you need is to match symbols for winning combinations, with a bit of help from wilds and scatters, to reveal very real treasures.
Little Britain
A modern hit on British television, Little Britain has burst onto the scene with its own brand of comedy in a full-feature slot for you to enjoy. Get a bit of the show in every spin as you combine familiar symbols to win cash prizes.
Lotto Madness
If numbers are your bag, then Lotto Madness will satisfy your craving with an easy way to collect your winnings. A scratch-style casino game, just rub away the surface to reveal if you’ve come out a winner. I couldn’t be easier.
Lucky Panda
Pandas are some of the cutest bears on earth and in this slots feature they’re good luck too! Lucky pand offers players an incredible experience with 1024 ways to win! Chow down with these cuties on some solid gold good times.
Magic Slots
You won’t believe your eyes when you find how easy it is to win cash prizes with every visit to the Magic Slots. Rewards seems to appear out of thin air with every spin. No illusion here, try your hand and see what you can make appear.
Magical Stacks
This unique brand of lights and sounds seems to come straight from the extravagant arcades of Japan. String together are the funky fun on the reels in the 20 payline slot to reveal the winning you can take home at a moment’s notice.
Marilyn Monroe
The iconic Hollywood blonde is back in her own slots feature. Take Marilyn out on the town for an unforgettable evening. You’ll be able to enjoy all the sights and sounds of Hollywood on your way to a superstar paycheck.
Monty Python's Life Of Brian
One of the world’s most iconic comedy teams, Monty Python comes to you larger than life with the Monty Python’s Life of Brian slot. You’ll be reliving the trials Brian, Jesus’ neighbor from the classic comedy film of the same name.
Monty Python's Spamalot
Monty Python’s record setting slots feature, Monty Python’s Spamalot delivered a record breaking progressive jackpot payout. You could be the next lucky recipient of this massive cash prize, all you have to do is spin the reels.
Mr. Cashback
Mr. Cashback is all about big business, but today he’s in an especially good mood. He’s giving you the opportunity to win a cut of his cash reserves on every spin of the reels. Don’t pass up on his offer, you won’t find a better one.
Neptunes Kingdom
Life at the bottom of the sea can be enchanting, that’s why we’ve brought a taste of the experience to you here at the casino. Neptune’s Kingdom offers all the perks of being a monarch without having to hold your breath.
Nian Nian You Yu
Nian Nian You Yu takes its cues from ancient and still relevant Chinese celebrations. All the items associated with these huge parties are on the reels, with fireworks, lanterns, dragons and more waiting to reward you with good luck.
Nobody beat Nostradamus when it comes to making predictions on the future, but you can get pretty close in his slot machine at the casino. With 243 different paylines, you can come out a winner more often than most.
Ocean Princess
Another undersea adventure awaits at the casino with Ocean Princess. You’ll be taken to her underwater kingdom where you’ll be free to explore and take home any winnings you find on your visit.
Panther Moon
The jungle is full of risk and rewards, and we want you to take a lesson from the best hunters. Put your skills to the test in Panther Moon and see how many trophies you can capture on 5 reels and across 9 paylines.
Party Line
When all you’re after is the classic slots and still want a good time at the casino, Party Line is the way to go. 3 reels may seem modest, but when you can win 4000x your line bet in a single spin the game reaches a whole new level.
Penguin Vacation
Not everyone is interested in a vacation to the Antarctic, but with this game you can enjoy the experience without ever having to leave your warm and comfy home. The theme is cool and the payout potential is red hot.
Perfect Planet
Get a special experience in the Perfect Planet casino game, where you are trying to match scenery from regions around the globe on a 3x3 grid. Pack your bags and get ready for a journey to secure riches from every corner of the world.
Pharaoh's Secrets
So much history of the region has been lost to the sands of time. As a result, the world of ancient Egypt is shrouded in mystery. That’s not a bad thing though, as so many riches are waiting to be rediscovered in Pharaoh’s Secrets.
Piggies and The Wolf
Following in the footsteps of one of the most recognizable nursery tales, you’ll be playing the role of the wolf and spinning the reels as you go from house to house knocking down the door and taking their riches for your own.
Pink Panther
Pink Panther has been an iconic member of pop culture for decades. Now you can follow inspector Clouseau as he bumbles from caper to caper in pursuit of the infamous car burglar. Are you ready to recover stolen riches?
Plenty O'Fortune
Magical fairies and leprechauns are ready to show you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. All you need to do is spin until you match the special symbols along the reels to claim your rewards in the Plenty O’Fortune slot.
Purple Hot
An easy game to pick up, you won’t have much standing in between you and a serious payout in Purple hot. You’ll only need to master a 5-reel, 5-payline slot before you’re rolling in the money on every game you play.
Pyramid of Ramesses
The Pyramid of Ramsses has just been opened to the public and you’re first in line to crack open the tomb and see what undiscovered artifacts and rewards are hidden within the ruins. Spin away to match your prize on the reels.
Queen of the Pyramids
The Queen of the Pyramids has awoken from centuries of sleep beneath the Egyptian sands. She wants to invite you into the long lost ruins for a bit of hunting and to see what treasures you can unlock with matching symbols on the reels.
Queen of Wands
If you’re one to believe in the tarot, psychic readings and clairvoyance, this game is one you won’t want to miss. Take all your spiritual believes and channel them into the reels while you match symbols to reveal very real rewards.
Rock n Roller
You’re performing in the show of your life thanks to the deal you’ve signed in the Rock n Roller slot. Elvis Presley would be proud of your ability to wow the crowd and earn yourself a signing bonus with every match along the reels.
Going toe to toe with seasoned fighters in the boxing ring may not be your thing. However, you can go against them with a champion of your own on the reels. Play with Rocky Balboa in you corner and go for the title of king of the ring.
Rome and Glory
When you think of ancient Rome, chances are you imagine great architecture, the Coliseum and wondrous wealth at every turn. In this slot you’ll be matching all of these symbols and more to secure your own antique fortune.
Safari Heat
Out on the savannah it can get pretty hot while you’re hunting for the next big trophy to take home. These reels are heating up as well and they’ll deliver the top-tier prizes if you manage to match the right symbols on your next spin.
You might be dying to get into this locked safe behind the reels, but you’ve got a great opportunity to do so. All you have to do is hit the right symbols of riches in succession when playing on this 5-reel, 9-payline slot machine.
Samba Brazil
It’s time to shake your money maker on the streets of Rio in Samba Brazil. This festive slot focusing on South America’s party central offers great sound and entertainment while you spin to win substantial cash prizes.
Santa Surprise
Everyone loves the excitement of opening gifts, no matter what time of year it may be. This slot puts you in the Christmas spirit and you’ll need to match the symbols of Santa’s Surprise and see what you got for the holiday.
Secrets of the Amazon
The dense jungle of the Amazon is one full of danger and surprises. You could stumble on a lost civilization at any moment in the world’s largest tropical wilderness. See what mysteries you can uncover in Secrets of the Amazon.
Sherlock Mystery
There is a new mystery to be solved and the famous detective Sherlock Holmes needs you on the case. Help him uncover clues and you’ll be rewarded for your good work on the job. Bonus features, win multiplies and free games are waiting.
Si Xiang
Si Xiang features brilliant symbols and figures popular in Chinese philosophy. Balance between all things is popular belief in the Far East and you too can benefit from give and take by putting down your wager and taking in big wins!
Silent Samurai
You’ll be back in feudal Japan in this and your lord pays well for every combination of matching symbols you can land on the reels. A true warrior gets paid for their service and that’s never been truer than on the Silent Samurai slot.
Silent Samurai Jackpot
Silent Samurai has promoted you to the next level in the social hierarchy of feudal Japan. Take your time as you spin the reels and the right move will result in your promotion to a progressive jackpot payout from your prefecture.
Silver Bullet
You’re transported way out west, when the frontier was wide open for anyone willing to take the treacherous trip into an undiscovered wilderness. Where there’s risk, there’s reward and you can expect nothing less from Silver Bullet.
Sinbad's Golden Voyage
The sailor made famous in myth and legends handed down for generations is back in his own slots feature. Take to the sea in Sinbad’s Golden Voyage and see what treasure await you and the crew on your journey.
Space Invaders
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The visitors from beyond our solar system have arrived and they want you to be the one to introduce them to life on the pale blue dot. The cash cows of planet Moolah will reward you well for your assistance in making contact.
Spud O'Reilly's Crops of Gold
You can Spud O'Reilly's Crops of Gold down on the farm and see how easy it is to harvest solid gold cash crops with just a spin of the reels. Wilds, scatters and more are your tools of the trade as you dig up rewards in every game.
Streak of Luck
You won’t need luck to triumph in this gilded slots feature. Streak of Luck provides you with everything you need to make a winning play on every game. Match all the golden symbols along the reels to receive your cash prize.
Sultan's Gold
The Sultan is positively swimming in riches and he wants you to advise him on how to spend it all. For your services he’ll pay you handsomely, but first you’ll need to match the symbols of his desert kingdom to earn your prize.
Sun Wukong
The monkey god has emerged with his own featured slot at the casino. Sun Wukong is a character of legend from Chinese culture and he’s come to reward you for paying him patronage at the casino. Spin to reveal his blessing.
Sunset Beach
Nothing beach a lazy day on a sun-soaked beach, but you don’t have to worry about getting sand everywhere or dealing other rowdy beach goers as you relax by the sea. Spin to reveal your Sunset Beach bounty from the comfort of home.
Sweet Party
Candy is dandy any time of day, but the party is where you want to be when the goodies are handed out. With the Sweet Party slot you can get the best of both treats when you play for a jackpot prize on these tasty reels.
Tennis Stars
Serve up an Ace in this tennis-themed slots game. Tennis Stars puts you courtside in a game with the greats of the sport. You can win a title prize of your own with up to 5000x you line bet as a reward on the top spin.
The alchemists spell
The alchemist is busy in his workshop perfecting potions and brews with magical effects. With one breakthrough the alchemist can turn rather worthless substances into precious gold. See what his latest experiments have revealed.
The Great Ming Empire
The Ming dynasty was one of the largest and furthest reaching in Chinese history. You can play the Great Ming Empire slot to uncover the valuable riches and antiquities yet to be rediscovered on the reels of this elegant slot machine.
The Jazz Club
The tunes are coming out smooth in The Jazz Club. You can feel like a VIP on the scene in this unique slot featuring fantastic artwork, sounds and far more money waiting to be won than a jazz musician earns playing a night at the club.
The Love Boat
Are you ready to be matched with some of the most lovable characters from the famous TV series The Love Boat? Enjoy reliving some of your favourite moments for the iconic series and fall head over heels for rewards on the reels.
The Mummy
The legends of ancient Egypt are coming back to life in this online slot modeled after the feature film, The Mummy. Escape the perils of the pyramids and emerge from the tombs a richer player with all the spoils you’ve discovered.
The Riches Of Don Quixote
As much as 5000x you line bet can be won in this enticing slot machine at the casino. Allow The Riches of Don Quixote to show you just how the legendary Spanish Nobleman earned his reputation in this folklore feature.
The six million Dollar Man
The Six-Million Dollar Man is back on the scene and ready to fight crime after his bionic surgery. He’s faster, he’s stronger, and now he’s better equipped than ever to help deliver the biggest rewards in online casino slots.
The Three Musketeers and The Queen's Diamond
A dazzling 3D slot, The Three Musketeers and The Queen's Diamond will have you diving into the story of the legendary musketeers. Their 5-reels and 50-paylines could change your life with a progressive jackpot payout.
The Winnings Of Oz
Are you ready to follow the yellow brick road all the way to the Emerald City? The Winnings of Oz is prepared to take you there and show you just what this horse of a different colour can do for you with a massive progressive jackpot.
Thrill Seekers
When you’re after a good time, look no further than the Thrill Seekers slot. This game keeps you on your toes with excitement on every spin. Match the symbols to unlock its Dollar Ball bonus and win a progressive jackpot prize.
Top Gun
Are you ready to jump into the cockpit with the Top Gun slot? You’ll be spinning at supersonic speeds as you tear through the skies in a dogfight on every round. Knock out your opponent and match symbols to earn your next commendation.
Top Trumps Celebs
Top Trumps Celebs is the hottest scene in town, where you’ll be spinning to rub elbows with the world’s biggest celebrities. Who knows, maybe you’ll land a movie contract of your own. All you have to do is match these celebs to win.
Top Trumps Football Legends
Top Trumps Football Legends puts you on the pitch with the best in the game. Don’t worry if you’re new to the game, they’ll carry you across the reels to the final finish. Match the athletes along the reels for truly great payouts.
Top Trumps World Football Stars
Top World Football Stars brings together the best players from around the world. You’ll take a starting position on the pitch with your team of elite athletes and try to secure a championship-sized payout when you spin the reels.
Tres Amigos
A fantastically fun and lively Mexican-themed slot, Tres Amigos is all about promoting friendship, good vibes, and the rewards derived from such an enjoyable lifestyle. Get to know these amigos even better with each spin of the reels.
Triple Profits
Triple Profits is a3-reel classic slot that is simple in its method of delivering sizable rewards in a small package. Don’t waste any time looking for fancy features in this title, because this one is all about big spins and big wins.
Tropic Reels
Tropic Reels transports you to a tropical paradise with every game you play. A bit of time off in a relaxing paradise is just what you need after a grueling day at work. Get just what you’re after with every spin of these serene reels.
True Love
True Love may not be something everyone believes in, but anyone can get behind the True Love slot. You be positively smitten with the rewards this game promises when you match chocolates, roses, violins, and more for cash payouts.
Ugga Bugga
You’re in for a time so good it’s scary on the Ugga Bugga slot. You won’t need a special touch to make these rewards leap off the reels and into your pockets. Just match the symbols when you spin to win terrifyingly large rewards.
Vacation Station
Now is the best time to take a vacation, but if you can’t afford the time or the money maybe you can get the same great experience from home with Vacation Station. Your next spin might pay for the trip you’ve been looking for.
Vacation Station Deluxe
The chance to travel in the lap of luxury just got a little closer in Vacation Station Deluxe. Take you pick when it comes to how you want to travel and match that symbol along the reels to reveal your prize.
Vikings don’t always have to be so serious about raid and plunder. We find right away with Vikingmania that these Norsemen have a great sense of humour and plenty of loot to share with players just like you.
Wacky Waters
Some people have a fear of the open ocean, but this game is one you won’t want to avoid. Wacky Waters injects a bit of humour into the deep blue sea and provides players with plenty of opportunity to dig up treasure from the sea floor.
Wall Street Fever
Whether you know how to play the market or not isn’t essential in Wall Street Fever. You’ll have every chance to cash in on stocks with this slot featuring high-rise rewards. You can even win a progressive jackpot on your next bid!
White King
The Majestic White King sits atop his throne while you spin the reels in search of riches of your own. Royal Wilds, Scatter symbols of pride and more are at your disposal in raising a fortune to build a kingdom of your own.
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Who wants to be a millionaire has made its mark on popular culture around the world. The famous television game show is now one you can play from home and for real money! Answer correctly to earn your cash prizes.
Wild Gambler
The Wild gambler is on the hunt for a trophy to add to his collection. You can follow in his footsteps as you look for a prize form the savannah of your own. Bag a big one and walk away from the game much richer than when you arrived.
Wild Gambler 2: Arctic Adventure
The casino scenes trophy hunter is back in Wild Gambler: Arctic Adventure. He’s in uncharted lands seeking new and undiscovered rewards. What’s more is you’re right there as well, ready to step in and swoop up your share of prizes.
Wild Games
The Wild Games are back again, with some of the animal kingdom’s finest athletes competing in events. Match your symbols for the Games’ gold medalists in each event and you’ll find yourself winning prizes of your own.
Wild Spirit
Wild Spirit will put you in touch with your spiritual side. This Native American-themed slot will offer insight into a simpler way of life while at the same time providing all the bounty of the earth in the form of cash prizes.
Wings of Gold
Wings of Gold lets you take to the skies in a classic dogfight situation with every spin. Get the feel of wind rushing through your hair while you are in hot pursuit of your target, a massive cash payout from the perilous reels.
Wu Long
Take your Chinese New Year celebrations to the street during in Wu Long. Here you won’t need to brave the crowd, but rather enjoy the festivities from home with all the fun and good fortune the holiday brings with it.
Wu Long Jackpot
Wu Long Jackpot takes the legendary celebration of Chinese New Year and takes the festivities further with an incredible progressive jackpot. Match all the symbols of fun across the reels to reveal if you’ve won the New Year’s fortune.
Zhao Cai Jin Bao
Zhao Cai Jin Bao offers players the wealth and success of good fortune. That’s why so many players flock to this online slot for the prosperity it brings. All you need to claim your instant rewards is a matching spin on the reels.
Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot
Zhao Cai Jin Bao Jackpot offers much more than its counterpart thanks to the addition of a massive jackpot prize you can win with one spin of the wheel of good fortune. See where you fate leads you today in this fan favourite.
Zhao Cai Tong Zi
Zhao Cai Tong Zi is nothing short of a fun and lively slot that instantly brightens your day. Vibrant colours and cheerful sounds only add to the 10,000x your line bet that can be won win in this instant classic among slots lovers.

If you’re looking for the most popular casino games around, look no further than the gigantic slots selection at 21Nova Casino. You’ll be spoiled for choice with hundreds of different slots titles in every variety. Whether you’re looking for a classic experience, a modern take on the game, or have a hankering for the big payout in the form of progressive jackpots, you’ll find just what you’re after right here. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player or go or the biggest bets on every attempt, these games are sure to satisfy your hunger in the search for a big payout.

Classic Slots

A throwback to a simpler time, the classic slots genre doesn’t have much in the department of bells and whistles. Instead, it keeping things simple and straightforward so you can focus on what you came here to do, win some cold hard cash. What these games lack in visual displays, they more than make up for in their ease of play and the potential for instantly satisfying payouts.

Don’t worry about learning the rules of the game, what special features can do for you, or how to navigate the bonus games. These slots are about as simple as it gets, you just place your bet and spin the reels to reveal whether or not you’ve come out of this round as a winner.

Video Slots

When you want a more modern feel to your slots experience, video slots or the preferred way to go. These games don’t just offer the matching of symbols to return rewards on your wager. These game offer a truly unique experience with every title, many of which boast impressive graphics, brilliant sound and an array of special symbols that boost your payouts or offer additional ways to win prizes.

As you navigate through the large selection of video slots at 21Nova Casino you’ll find exciting themes and many games that boast bonus rounds, wilds, scatters, and more useful features to enrich the playing experience. Whether you bet big or small, these games cater to players one and all.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

When you’ve had your fill of run-of-the-mill slots and those of the video variety, with all their fancy features, chances are you’re ready to get down with the biggest slots around. By big we don’t mean in size or stature, but those featuring the biggest payouts available, many of which routinely reach into the millions. These cash prizes are growing at a constant rate, just waiting to be won by someone like you.

You can bet as much as you like on a progressive jackpot slot, but the only way to walk away with the maximum prize is to bet the max when you spin to win. Keep this in mind when playing the progressive reels, as some of these games have more than one jackpot to win, or reward everyone who participates toward the top prize after they’ve met the qualifying bet amount.

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