Captain Cannon's Circus of Cash

Clowns, Tightropes, Cannons and Progressive Wins

One doesn’t normally associate the circus with big winnings but Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash slot could see you return from the big top with pockets full of cash.

The slot has 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines. The reels are set against a view of the circus and occasionally a bear balancing on a ball will make an appearance to the left of them. There are a number of theme related symbols and they include a lion tamer, a clown, a performing seal and Captain Cannon himself. The lower value symbols are the standard playing cards but they are stylised in accordance with the circus theme.

The slot not only offers a progressive jackpot, but there are nine bonus features! The bonus features are triggered when the bonus letters underneath each reel are lit up. This happens at random and when they are all alight a hammer will hit a big red button and a bonus game is selected.

The bonus features are all based upon circus acts and are as follows:

  • Fire Breather Bonus – A fire breather walks underneath the reels and turns up to three of them completely wild.
  • Lion Tamer Bonus – A lion tamer snaps her whip and transforms up to five of the symbols into wilds.
  • Rampaging Elephant Bonus – An elephant charges across the reels and knocks symbols out the way to make space for symbols that form a guaranteed win.
  • Shave The Bearded Lady Bonus – You need to choose from two bearded ladies to shave in exchange for a cash prize.
  • Strongman Contest – You need to pick from three strongmen to try and find the one that can lift the weight highest for the biggest cash prize.
  • Knife Thrower Bonus – You need to throw knives at twenty balloons that will explode to award money or an extra throw.
  • Clown Car Free Spins – A random number of clowns will emerge from a car, each is worth a certain number of free spins or a multiplier.
  • Tightrope Motor Bear – You need to set a bear on a motorbike on a tightrope, the further he rides the more money you win and if he reaches the other end he will pick up a clown and ride back again.
  • Captain Cannon’s Wild Ride – This offers the biggest prizes, fire the captain out of a cannon and watch as he plucks bonuses out of the air.

If a Golden Clown appears in the Clown Car Free Spins, the Tightrope Motor Bear or the Captain Cannon’s Wild Ride features then you have won the progressive jackpot!

The slot has a betting range of £0.25 up to £250 per spin and a top payout of 5,000x in addition to the progressive jackpot. You’ll never find such a lucrative circus anywhere else on earth.

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