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3 Card Brag
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A braggart's best bet, 3-card Brag is a game coming from the British Isles in which players will need to create the strongest 3-card hand they can out of what they're dealt each round. Bet against the house or others around the table.
WMF Solo Mahjong Pro
WMF Solo Mahjong Pro puts the power to win in your hand with a classic tile game where only two moves are needed to come out a winner. Discard and draw, that’s all there is to is before you find out if you’re a winner.
WMF Solo Mahjong
WMF Solo Mahjong is played by WMF rules and you’ll have only two moves to determine your fate in the game. Discard one tile, then draw another, that’s all there is to it before you know whether or not you’ve won.
Wild Viking
Wild Viking offers a new take on the game of roulette with many of the same great bets but a whole new payout structure. Make the correct prediction on the game’s top payout and you would win 230:1 on your wager.
Sic Bo
A dice game you’ll love from the start, Sic Bo is full of fun and generous payouts. The game’s name is means “Precious Dice” and you’ll agree it’s a fitting definition when you make your prediction, place your bet, and let it roll.
Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro
Mahjong may be a game you equate with Chinese gambling, but Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro is one you’ll find just as exciting, if not more. You’ll start with a nearly winning hand and have only a few moves to secure your prize.
Japanese Solo Mahjong
While it has been a Chinese game historically, this version of the classic game played with tiles has a Japanese twist. See why Japanese Solo Mahjong is so popular. You start with a ready hand, only a few moves are needed to win.
Caribbean Stud Poker
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You're ready for a bit of fun in the Gulf of Mexico when you play Caribbean Stud Poker. This version of one of the world's most revered card games will have you in a head's-up game of poker against the house, where winner takes all.
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When it comes to table games on the casino floor, Craps is hard to beat in thrills and hot dice action. Roll your way into the money with smart wagers and hot hands on the tables of this unmistakable casino game. Are you ready?
French Roulette
Enjoy a bit good fortune in one of the greatest casino games ever created. French roulette only houses one ‘0’ on the wheel, meaning the odds are better for players than other Roulette variations, like American rules Roulette.
3D Roulette
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Enjoy a classic casino table game in a whole new dimension. 3D Roulette will suck you in as it hops right off your display, entertaining you with stunning graphics and the same great potential for massive rewards Roulette is known for.
Club Roulette
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You'll feel like a VIP in Club Roulette. Make your wagers in a variety of ways and enjoy the thrill of the game like an inside player. Every spin of the wheel has real potential to turn you into a richer player with every round.
Roulette Pro
Roulette is not just a game for casino pros, but you can feel like one no matter what you level of experience in this exciting version of the game. In Roulette Pro you’ll be making bets based on your predictions for cash payouts.
Premium Pro Roulette
A game that doubles down on upgraded experience, Premium Pro Roulette will no doubt provide you with hours of quality entertainment at the casino. Enjoy a superior environment while utilizing an impressive range of betting options.
Premium French Roulette
When you’re after a premium game with every spin of the roulette wheel, look no further than the Premium French Roulette experience. As its name suggests, this version of roulette is played with a French rule set.
Premium American Roulette
A step up from the casino standard, Premium American Roulette offers you a chance to play the world’s most iconic casino game of predictions with an American rule set. Step up to the table and get a premium experience every game.
Penny Roulette
Roulette is a great game at any stake level, but not everyone can live up to the iconic imagery of high-rollers around the wheel. Now, you can get all the excitement with less of the risk involved when you play Penny Roulette.
Multiplayer French Roulette
Roulette is always more fun when playing with a group. Get together with strangers and friends in this unique version of the game that sports French rules at the table. You’ll be front row as the bets are placed and wheel is spun.
Multiplayer European Roulette
Roulette is even better when you get to play with a group, be it with friends or strangers. Now is your opportunity to get a front seat to the tables in Multiplayer European Roulette, where European rules are in your favour.
Multi Wheel Roulette
What could be better than a game of the casino’s most recognizable wheel game of predictions? A Roulette feature that offer multiple wheels on which to play! Try out a new take on the classic game I Multi-wheel Roulette today.
NewAR Roulette
New AR Roulette brings a classic into the modern age with better graphics, sounds and a slew of betting options you will be hard pressed to play through. Place your bets with this version of the game that uses American Rules.
Age Of The Gods Roulette
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A mythical theme for a casino classic, you’ll set out for adventure when you take a spin on the wheel of fate in Age of the Gods Roulette. Be faced with gods of the old world on your quest to reap the rewards of foresight.
Marvel Roulette
Roulette is even better when charged with super-sized payouts. Marvel Roulette delivers the good with both adventure and rewards waiting for you on every spin. Jackpots are available to win as well when you land on the lucky number.
Premium European Roulette
Premium European Roulette promises to deliver an exciting and elegant experience with every spin of the Roulette wheel. Place your wagers just as you would in any version of the game, but remember you’re playing under European Rules.

When you think of red hot action on the casino floor, chances are you look toward the tables for excitement. 21Nova Casino has an excellent variety of table games you’ll not soon forget. It’s no secret players love to feel in control of their playing experience and few games put the playing power in your hands like Roulette, Craps, and Sic Bo. Try your favourites from the lot or sample them all, each table game available comes with a unique experience and each offers the possibility to win substantial cash prizes.


The spinning of the roulette wheel is an unmistakable sound on the casino floor, but you don’t even have to leave your front door to get the authentic experience of roulette from 21Nova Casino. These games are available in abundance with classic variations and modern twists to keep the game fresh and exciting with every visit.

There are styles of this iconic game on offer that feature multiple wheels, progressive prizes and varying rule sets that shift the odds, and the potential for rewards, across the board. When you are ready to take these games for a spin, go ahead and place your wagers with confidence using an array of betting options in denominations to suit every budget.


Craps is a game that everyone can recognize and it’s one that every level of player can enjoy. There’s nothing to it, you’ll just pick up the pair of dice laid out on the table and after placing your wagers, throw for gold!

All you need to do to get started is make a prediction on the outcome of the next roll. You don’t have to settle for just one either, you can place an array of wagers across the board to better your chances of landing a win. Betting can be completed using a wide selection of denominations, ensuring players of every budget can get a bit of enjoyment from the game. Get those bets down and you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

You’ll be caught up in the action in no time with this casino classic, which never fails to deliver a roaring good time in anticipation of the next toss’ result.

Sic Bo

A dice game coming straight from the Far East, Sic Bo delivers another thrilling experience whenever you step up to the table. The game’s name translates to “Precious Dice” and this feature conveys just that in fine fashion. You’ll be rolling three dice to make your predictions come true and deliver substantial payouts with you’ve made a smart bet.

Betting goes beyond a mere prediction of the values shown on the dice. You can expand your wagers to include Hi or Lo markers, along with odd or even selections. Combinations and single dice bets are also yours to make. You’ll be in for a great time with every visit to the Sic Bo table, where rewards are always waiting.

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