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2 Ways Royal
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When it comes to poker hands, everyone knows that the royal flush is tops in terms of payouts, but 2 Ways Royal adds another way to win the top prize. Royal or straight flush hands are the way to win in this unique video poker game.
Pick 'em Poker
Pick ‘em Poker is offering you the opportunity to play poker in a whole new way. You’ll have a hard time holding as many hands as this in real life, but playing an astonishing 100 hands of poker at once online is no problem at all.
Joker Poker 50
The addition of two jokers to the deck is only the beginning of how this game makes win a frequent occurrence. Joker Poker 50 allows you to play up to 50 hands at once with the possibility to draw jokers on every one of them!
Joker Poker
Who wouldn’t want an advantage when playing a game of video poker? You’ll get a leg up on every hand thanks to the addition of two wild cards in Joker Poker. With these two jokers added to the deck you’ll be on top of your game.
Jacks or Better Multi-Hand
A full deck of cards in this game means you get a full decks worth of deals in every hand you play. With up to 52 hands available to be played at once, you have great odds of being winner in every game of Jacks or Better Multi-hand.
Jacks or Better 50 Lines
50 lines in Jacks or Better means you’ve got that many more opportunities to turn every round into a winner. Imagine winning 50 times in a single game, it’s possible. Try your luck with 50 hands of Jacks or Better today.
Jacks or Better 4 Lines
Jacks or Better 4 lines lets you play multiple hands of video poker at once. Holds the cards you want, fold the ones you don’t. You’ll have several opportunities to win on every deal. Try your hand and see how many wins you can secure.
Jacks or Better 10 Progressive
When all you need to win is hold a pair of jacks or better, the wins come faster when you play more hands at once. That’s what makes Jacks or Better 10 progressive a winner. What’s more is there is a progressive jackpot up for grabs.
Jacks or Better
Video Poker games are all the rage in casinos across the globe and Jacks or Better makes it easy to turn almost any hand into a winner. All you need to do in order to finish with fatter pockets is hold a pair of jacks or better.
Deuces Wild
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Video poker is a great game. It's casual, it's easy to play, and it can provide players with some serious payouts. This version puts the odds even further in your favor, as any deuce in your hand can instantly be used as a wild card!
All American Video Poker
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The star spangled video poker game you’ve been dreaming of. Become a true patriot in search of the American dream in All American Video Poker. Your loyalty to the country could return big rewards if you play your cards right.
Aces and Faces 25 Lines
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Just like its single-line predecessor, Aces and faces 25-hand is a multi-hand Video Poker game that pays out for any single pair of Aces or Face cards. Not only this, but you have up to 25 chances to make the strongest hand you can.
Aces and Faces
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5-card draw fans love this feature. In Aces and Faces video poker all one needs to do is hold a pair of face cards or better in their hand to win. Take your deal, make your holds and folds, then see if you've won! It’s that easy!
4-Line Deuces Wild
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Take 4-lines of video poker even further when you throw wild cards into the mix. With more chances to win than ever before, 4-line Deuces Wild makes it easier to turn each hand into one that pays out in serious cash prizes.
4-Line Aces And Faces
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Make a hand worthy of a cash prize when you hold a pair of face cards or better in 4-line Aces and Faces. Not only this, but you'll have even greater chances to come out a winner with multiple hands that offer more payout potential.
Tens Or Better
10’s or better Video Poker rewards you with a cash payout for holding a pair of, you guess it, 10’s or better. When you thought it couldn’t be easier to hold a winning hand, the casino takes you one step closer in the right direction.
Caribbean Stud Poker
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You're ready for a bit of fun in the Gulf of Mexico when you play Caribbean Stud Poker. This version of one of the world's most revered card games will have you in a head's-up game of poker against the house, where winner takes all.

When you’re looking for a classic version Video Poker or a modern take on the game that features dazzling graphics and sounds, look no further than the Video Poker selection at 21Nova Casino. We’ve got a treasure trove of draw poker features that are sure to please Video Poker casuals and connoisseurs from every corner of the globe.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better Video Poker, as the name suggests, is a version of the game that requires a player to hold a hand with at least one pair of jacks or better to qualify for prize money. The rules for the game are as simple and straight forward as can be. You’ll have an initial deal of five cards from the deck, a chance to hold or swap as many cards as you like before enjoying one more deal to see how strong a hand you can make. The stronger the hand, the bigger the payout.

Bet the minimum or bet the max, odds are you’ll be able to turn out a winning hand in any of the Jacks or Better variations at 21Nova Casino, be it single hand, multi-hand. Some multi-hand variations at the casino allow as many as 50 hands to be played simultaneously for truly astronomical chances to win in every session.

Aces & Faces

Another style of video poker that required a minimum hand value to qualify for a cash prize, Aces and Faces require you to hold a hand with a pair of “picture” cards or better to be considered in-the-money. Several versions of Aces and Faces are available at the casino, with single hand and 25-line being the most popular. Play it cool in a classic version of the game or go big in a version that allows you to play 25 hands of draw poker at once and really boost your chances of walking away with a cash prize.

You couldn’t find an easier card game to play at the casino offering as much paying power at these Aces and Faces video poker games.

Wilds & Jokers

When you want an even bigger edge while you play on the Video Poker machines at 21Nova Casino, there’s no substitute for our selection of wild card Video Poker games. Make your selection from Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, All American and Mega Jacks Video Poker features for a riot of a time and odds boosted ever in your favour. These games not only allow for special cards to act as wilds and increase your chances of holding a winning hand, but several are available in multi-hand variations for even more opportunities to win and can even offer progressive jackpot prizes.

Take your Video Poker experience to the next level with these exciting styles of Video Poker available every day at 21Nova Casino.

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